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Coldpatch, Loose, Bulk, picked up at yard ... $80.00 /ton
5 gallons of Coldpatch material (your own bucket) ... $5.00 each
5 gallons of Coldpatch, incl. 5 gal. bucket with lid ... $10.00 each
Crafco Kwikseal, 50’ x 4” Roll ... $32.00 each

Recycled Asphalt (based on availability)
Asphalt Millings, bulk, picked up at yard ... $20.00 /ton

Aggregate (based on availability)

#8 Limestone, washed ... $33.00 /ton
¼” to ½” sized stone with no fines. Commonly used for driveway gravel, walkways, and as an anti-skid material.
#9 Limestone, washed ... $33.50 /ton
¼” sized stone with no fines. Commonly used in driveways, for drainage purposes, placement around trees for visual appeal, dog pens, and greenhouses.

Our certified scales are available for weighing services Monday thru Friday from 8am to 3:30pm. A certified weigh slip will be provided. We recommend you call our weighmaster at 814-764-5080 x107 in advance to check how busy the scale is. NOTE: Our scales can only accommodate vehicles under 9‘ wide and 23‘ long.

  • The above listed prices are subject to change without prior notification.
  • The above prices are for pick up only, and do not include sales tax. If you are tax exempt, supply us with your Exemption Certificate before purchase.
  •  Accepted Forms of Payment: cash, local check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover Card.
  • Convenience Fee: we impose a surcharge on credit card transactions which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. This fee is 3% for taxable items and 2.83% for non-taxable sales. Credit card payments taken over the phone are subject to a manual entry fee of 3.9% plus 15 cents. No surcharge for purchases made with prepaid Visa or prepaid Mastercard.
  • Return Policy: No refunds are provided on yard materials.
  • Delivery Times: delivery is based on our current scheduling, please contact us for availability.
  • Delivery Charges: one mobilization within five (5) miles ... $50.00
    for mobilizations over 10 miles, contact us for quote.
Coldpatch is a temporary repair and works best on holes that area more than two inches in depth. It provides a quick fix to reduce potential vehicle damage, personal injuries and insurance claims. Our bulk coldpatch is produced on site several times a year, and is kept available throughout the year. This material can be compacted with a shovel, hand tamp or plate compactor and does not require heavy machinery to install.

PAR High Performance Patch is available in easy to use 50 lb. bags. This product can be used in all weather conditions, wet or dry, and supports traffic immediately following installation. To help speed up set time and reduce tacky surface you can dust the surface with sand or cement. Coverage = 10 lbs. per square foot, per one inch depth.

Preparation is extremely important! Remove all loose chunks and debris using a stiff broom to prepare surface. Install patch into the hole in layers of 3 inches at a time, and compact before installing the next layer. The last layer should be slightly higher than finished level. Be sure to fully compact the material with a tamper or tire roll into place and then it's ready for traffic.

We recommend using coldpatch for holes deeper than two inches. If over time a patch settles below the pavement surface, clean the area, add more coldpatch material and compact into place. If you have a bag of coldpatch and it feels hard or has frozen, simply drop it on the ground and roll it, breaking the material apart so it is ready for use.


o PennDOT Pre-Qualified Company
o Fully insured and bonded
o Stormwater Management

Licensed to work in the following states:
o Pennsylvania -- PA# 009213
o New York -- TF-2934666

Certificate of insurance is available upon request.

To discuss your specific project needs and to connect with one of our project managers please Contact Us.



When you are ready to pick up your material, we recommend you call us at 814-764-5080 ahead of time to make sure that our loading equipment is ready.

Upon arrival, carefully drive or back your vehicle onto the scale – Be sure to remain in your vehicle when on the scale! When your vehicle’s light weight has been recorded, we will illuminate a green light located above the office’s side entrance door. When you see the green light, slowly exit the scales and come into the office to place your order. Note, you will need to bring in your vehicle’s license plate number.

After your vehicle has been loaded you will re-enter the scale to get your loaded weight. Again, when you see the green light, slowly exit the scales, and return to the office where our Weighmaster will provide you with a State certified weigh slip. Payment is due at that time. Forms of payment accepted: cash, local check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

PLEASE NOTE: We impose a surcharge on credit card transactions which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. There is no surcharge for purchases made with Debit cards, prepaid Visa or prepaid Mastercard. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept credit card payments over the phone at this time.

To discuss your specific project needs and to connect with one of our project managers please Contact Us.